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About me

I offer counselling to individuals, parents, and young people seeking support to navigate life's challenges in person and online. I have post-graduate qualifications in Counselling and Narrative Therapy, 8 years of counselling experience and a total of 17 years working in the health and community sectors. I am a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association. I am also an Approved Counsellor with Victims Services.

I believe that counselling offers a space to heal and grow, to reflect on life events both past and present as well as providing the opportunity for creating insight, reflection and action that is aligned to who you want to be in the world.

I offer a holistic, collaborative, creative and warm-hearted approach to counselling where I work with you to focus on the healing and the changes you wish to make no matter what life stage you are in or what life challenges are currently present.

I value being the change I want to see in the world, and I am inspired to offer counselling that has you being seen, felt and heard in a way that makes a difference to your wellbeing and your life.

To discuss whether counselling with me may be right for you book your free 15 minute intro session here.

My approach to counselling

I am trained in Person-Centred Counselling and Narrative Therapy but good counselling is not just about an approach, it is also about the quality of the therapeutic relationship and how this relationship is co-created to create a safe container for healing and reflection. For this reason I work relationally while also applying evidence-based approaches which include:

Narrative Therapy is a way of looking at life via a bigger picture lens where we look at ways of creating perspective and locating “the problem” outside of ourselves and our identity and where we get to explore our strengths and superpowers in the face of adversity and challenge. Narrative therapy is a powerful tool in helping you to “change the narrative” and connect with the versions of yourself that hold meaning and value.


Being Trauma-Informed means being able to recognise and work with the impacts of trauma and creating a safe space to do so. I have 8 years of clinical practice experience working with people who have experienced trauma such as sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence, complex trauma and PTSD.


Mindfulness-based practices are a way of working with the self and with awareness. I use mindfulness-based practices to work with stress and with chronic illness, developing self-compassion and for working with parents. While mindfulness has become a psychology buzzword of late, I draw from the rich Buddhist tradition to inform my use of such practices as well as the body of evidence-based research that speaks to its benefits.

I also use creativity and creative therapies as part of my work. This can include drawing, crafts and making things, narrative therapy activities and using music, song and sound.

To discuss whether counselling with me may be right for you book your free 15 minute intro session here.


Why I became a counsellor

I love it when people ask me why I became a counsellor. The answer is twofold. My mum was a grief and loss counsellor and as a result of her work she had a baby named after her, which was very inspiring.


Secondly, my own experiences of counselling have literally been life saving and essential. As a young person my counsellor was the only person that I had in my life that felt like they truly listened to me and as a young adult my psychotherapist helped me to develop a healthier and more connected me. Throughout my adulthood I have utilised counselling and psychotherapy for several different reasons and the support and learning I have found there has been life changing.

I value counselling as a space for just being, exploring, crying, learning, connecting, laughing, creating, visioning and much more. I value the therapeutic relationship and the healing impact of having someone that is solely focused on you and your wellbeing.

Offering counselling over the last 8 years has been an honour to work with people as they navigate the ups and downs of life and to support them in their journey towards wellbeing and a more whole, connected sense of self. It is a great privilege that I can offer the space that I hold so dear to others.

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